1. A night on the town

  2. Dusk on the rails. 

  3. What apps do you use to shoot/edit with on your iPhone?

    Hey! I use Cortex Cam, Slow Shutter, Avg Cam Pro, and the regular iPhone Camera to shoot. I use VSCO almost exclusively to edit, but sometimes I’ll bring it into Filterstorm or Snapseed. 

  4. Give me all the bokeh.

  5. This weekend on Instagram:@realnickgerber

  6. Perfect Rooftop Moments. I’ve officially lived in my “new” apartment for 6 months, but it’s been a pretty terrific 6 months.

  7. St Mary of the Angels - Bucktown, Chicago

  8. North. South. East. West.

  9. Insta-Recap : @realnickgerber

  10. Bliss, Michigan and Highway M-119.