1. Wythe Hotel

  2. The Freedom Tunnel - Harlem, NYC

  3. ORD->LGA

  4. New York on IG. More to come: @realnickgerber

  5. Recently on Instagram: @realnickgerber

  6. About 2 weeks ago I did a workout shoot for a group of Chicago Personal Trainers. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. 

  7. I worked on a commercial video shoot yesterday. Here are some of my “behind the scenes” stills. 

  8. Hey My New York City People! I’ll be in town the 16th - 20th! I’d love to see you and hang out and shoot! Also… I’d love to stay on your couch! Or your floor! Or… you know… wherever!!


    New York City has the most brilliant textures. Sometimes it’s perfectly smooth like wet glass. Sometimes it’s like crushed velvet. Other times its the texture of layers and layers of paint on a canvas. Then sometimes it’s beard stubble. It’s brail for the eyes. 

  9. Budapast and Prague Through A Panoramic Camera

    What feels like a billion years ago I took a trip to Budapest to visit and stay with a friend who was doing a semester abroad. We took the weekend off and went to Prague with a bunch of her friends from her program. We saw some really great stuff and fortunately I had my little “lomo” Horizon Panoramic camera with me. I think one of my favorite things about this camera is how it goes soft on the edges. Also, double exposures are a total snap. It’s so perfectly imperfect that it lent itself well to the kind of adventure I was on. I think I’ve got a couple un-developed rolls of film from that camera along with a bunch of other film that I’ve been meaning to send out… I think this is inspiration to get on that. In any case - it’s fun coming across file folders of old stuff and being brought right back to that perfect, brisk, Eastern European journey.