1. The Sartorialist

    Last night I went and saw Mr Scott Schuman AKA The Sartorialist speak at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. He’s not only a super talented official commenter of fashion and all around great street photographer he’s also exceptionally charming and funny! It was excellent listening to him describe trying to photograph women and men who are dubious of his intent.

    Our philosophies about blogging are very similar; looking at blogging and photographing as a way of having a public diary that is used to start a conversation, and having there be standards for what you present. For example if he goes to Vienna and doesn’t find a photograph that he thinks is worthy of his blog - he won’t post it just to fill space. It needs to live up to a higher standard.

    Also interesting that first and foremost he considers himself a street photographer and a fashion photographer second. Street is his language and fashion is merely the dialect in which he speaks, but that doesn’t limit his vocabulary. All good things.

    Lastly he talked about the images of a photographer named Lartigue (Examples Below) who was working just after the turn of the century. We look back now and see timeless images but someone in the moment of 1909 might look at an image from 1907 and say “oh how terribly out of fashion that is”, but we’ll never know that. However, with his blog we get an instantaneous commentary from other people of this time that will theoretically live on and be able to inform people a century from today about what we were thinking in the moment. (He talks about it in one of the videos below as well)

    Here are some of my favorite Sartorialist moments:

    The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25 from The Sartorialist on Vimeo.

    It was lovely to meet him Aaaand I got myself a signed copy of his new book Closer.